India Land IT SEZ In Coimbatore: Client Testimonials

india land coimbatore testimonials

Centre Head
Bosch Development Center

We decided to come to Coimbatore mainly because of the abundant manpower here and good quality colleges and infrastructure and also the proactive support from the industrial community in Coimbatore.

We are very happy that we have come to Coimbatore which is a growing Tier-2 city with abundant resources in terms of technical manpower which is our core area.

At the moment we have our own facility within this CHIL campus. As our growth plans exceeded our expectations in the past, we decided to rent additional space in India Land facilities, within this CHIL campus.

So in 2011 we took couple of floors and in 2012 we also added additional floors. At the moment we have close to about 300,000 sq. ft. of space in India Land. The support from India Land has been excellent and they have been very proactive in meeting our requirements in terms of bringing up the facility to our expectations.

coimbatore tech park testimonials

Ashok Bakthavathsalam
Chairman, CII

The success of the first wave of companies that have made Coimbatore their destination, including Bosch, Cognizant, and Dell Computers, all goes very well for the city. If all the stakeholders come together we should make that number of 10,000 crores in exports and that kind of growth should be easily possible and it’s doable in my view.

It is not a surprise that Coimbatore is called the educational capital of south India. Coimbatore has more than 50 Engineering colleges and 80 Arts & Science colleges. The IT Industry in Coimbatore has grown in leaps and bounds in the last 3 to 5 years and achieving the magical number of 2,000 crores plus itself is a great achievement, given the Tier-2 status of Coimbatore.

The hospitality industry in Coimbatore has become very vibrant, with the presence of at least four big and quality hotels. The availability of world class malls also gives the perfect outlet for social life, for the people work in the IT industry as well.

coimbatore sez testimonials

Rachel Premnath
Chief Operating Officer
Point Perfect Transcription Services

We have the resource requirement all round the year, especially for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and people with chemistry background, bio sciences background.

Reduced energy bills basically because of the high energy efficient equipment that India Land has in place. It’s a very controlled, monitored system, enabling us to keep track of units spent and we plan and we are able to manage energies extremely well.

When the people come over here, they really don’t want to move out of Coimbatore, because we are very close to the nature. About 20 km radius you can reach a forest or mountain.